Everyone was wrong except for those who weren’t

How did everyone get it so wrong? All the polls, experts, newspapers, insiders and academics thought Hillary Clinton was going to win comfortably. The unthinkable happened instead. Donald J. Trump will be the 45th President of the United States of America.

What went wrong? Were there really “shy” Trump voters? All the predictions based on demographics were badly judged. Clinton underperformed on all the main markers that were supposed to hand her victory, Latino voters and women, in particular.

Much will be debated, discussed, dissected and analyzed in the coming days and weeks about how this stunning outcome took place. A lot of soul searching for the Democrats certainly as the Republicans swept both the Senate and House. Questions will need to be addressed. Did the Liberal Left ignored working class white Americans? Do intellectual traditional media matter? Is Trump’s victory a referendum on the professional political class? Where does America go from here?

Some answers will unfold in the coming Trump term. New realities will form in the duration. A new outlook on the future needs to develop. How things turn out is anyone’s guess. What’s for certain is all this will be unchartered territory.

It’s late now and things will set in more fully in the morning. So lots more will be written soon.