Do Unto Others

what-goes-around-comes-aroundThe Golden Rule, or ethic of reciprocity, is a pretty good way to live life. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This ties into the concept of Karma. Personally, I think all things tie together and Karma, or Dharma, is one way we explain things for which we can’t yet see the connections. Every effect has a cause, no matter how improbable or mind-boggling. So to explain some things we can’t fully explain, we say, “What goes around comes around.” So we have déjà vu. So we have twists of fate. And so on.

Because the seemingly randomness of life makes these ever intricate connections incredibly difficult to discern–more variables to account for–the effect of an action might take a whole life cycle to manifest. The smaller the environment, though, the higher the frequency. (Ironically, we often say, “The world is small,” when we find something in common or know people in common with another person. In fact the world is getting bigger, in terms of population, but it’s the connections that are getting more focused, thanks to communication technology.)

So while in life, some actions might take years, or decades, to gestate to full effect, in business, because of not just the volume of actions involved on a day-to-day basis, but also because of the pinpoint focus of these auctions, the effects can be realized much quicker. The connections between people are much more acute and cause and effect much more pronounced.

My long-winded (and probably unnecessary) setup leads to this summary: Don’t treat people like shit.

In business, generally, and collectibles, specifically, this is indeed a small world. What goes around will come back around. Memories don’t fade and I’m an elephant in that department.


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