District 12 Still Up for Grabs

The Hunger Games’ “District 12” is still up for grabs. The site, known as Henry River Mill Village, is a 72-acre abandoned mill town in North Carolina. It was used as the filming site for The Hunger Games and appears as it did in the movie. Apparently, all the structures were left untouched and the film crews just shot as is.

On May 22, 2012, Profiles in History announced it was auctioning off the site via sealed bid with the deadline date of July 31. The asking price was $1.2 million (as valued by Profiles). It was a neatly planned publicity ploy, as the site was part of a Hollywood Treasure episode that aired on June 5. Not surprisingly, the auction garnered plenty of press coverage.

However, as July 31 came and went, “District 12” remained unsold. Although Profiles is no longer selling the property, the owner of Henry River Mill Village, Wade Shepherd, still seeks to sell it.