Disney Pin Trading

Thanks to Joe Moe, I am hooked.

Pin trading is big business. Since 1999 when pin trading first become officially supported and promoted by Disney, tens of thousands of unique pins have been collected and traded. Retail prices range from $6.95 to $75 for special super jumbo size pins, but rare collector pins have been sold for as high as $500 in secondary markets (e.g. eBay). Pin trading is a world wide craze with its own lexicon and set of etiquette. I am only beginning to learn the hobby. Thanks, Joe, for getting me started with a kickass lanyard.

Now, who wants to trade?



  1. shezcrafti says:

    Pretty cool. I had no idea pin collecting was that big of a thing, or that there were that many Disney ones. Are there any Black Cauldron pins, I wonder?

  2. Fong Sam says:

    I hope there are Black Cauldron pins. I would love to get a Horned King pin. So far I cannot seem to find any official numbers, but I would guess Disney sells millions of dollars worth per year.

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