Channeling Fandom Toward the Greater Good


In 2010, I met Jo Garfein. I was working for an auction company at the time and we were contracted by ABC to do THE LOST AUCTION. Lost was the biggest television show at the time. There was nothing like it then (or now). It had audiences in its clutch on a weekly basis, as we all gathered around the watercolor to discuss theories, storylines and what it all meant. Lost was pop culture on steroids. So when it was my job to set up the Lost Auction, I was probably the most popular guy among my friends.

It was at the auction that I met Jo and her best friend, Jackie. They were the biggest Lost fans in the world. That auction set us all on a trajectory that continues to this day.

After Jackie passed away from brain cancer, Jo and Jared Wong created Cancer Gets LOST to raise money for various cancer charities through auctions and fundraisers that feature rare and autographed pop culture memorabilia. They wanted to honor their friend Jackie by channeling fandom toward the greater good.

Through Blacksparrow, I have been honored to help facilitate Cancer Gets LOST’s 2nd biannual auction in 2014. Today CGL is a bonafide 501(c)3 charitable organization and I’m excited to work on CGL’s 3rd auction. Over 450 signed and rare collectibles from 60 television shows and 18 films are represented in this sale. The list of goodies is amazing (Star Wars, The Walking Dead, The 100, Game of Thrones, The X-Files, Arrow, and so much more). We launch on 8.15.16 (these numbers should be familiar to Lost fans!). We sent out the press release this morning. Nerdist has this article about it.

Oh, and 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer. Alex’s Lemonade Stand raises awareness of childhood cancer causes, funds cutting-edge research projects, and creates travel programs to support families of children receiving treatment. Tell me that isn’t cool!