Business & Politics

The election has made the news cycle essentially politics 24/7. That’s not really a bad thing. An informed public makes a better nation, even if there seems to be more division. Dialogue–not matter how heated–is progress. The alternative, suppression and oppression, are simply unhealthy.

Politics and business (or the economy) has always gone hand-to-hand. It could be argued that they are two sides of the same coin. In this election, we have the collision of both business and politics in the candidacy of Donald Trump. After all, Trump touts his business record as qualification for the office of President of the United States (never mind that he will not release his tax returns to show the public what that supposed vaunted record is).

As a business owner, I am always interested in branding. There is no doubt that the Trump brand is very well known. Trump himself has carefully crafted his personal and business brands. His political ascendency is tied to those brands.

With that said, if Trump loses, will his brand–specifically his business brand–be affected? There is some evidence that it already has been affected. Donald’s crassness, blunt tone-deafness toward social issues, and lack of decorum (political and otherwise) are unmistakable. A day does not go by without him saying something that makes you shake your head. There has been reports that some businesses are starting to avoid sending employees to Trump hotels. In June, the PGA ended a 54-year relationship with the Doral by moving the World Golf Championships out of the Miami golf course to Mexico.

Minorities, women, immigrants, the intelligentsia, business elites, and even the majority of the political class of both parties, have rebuked Donald Trump. To these groups, which by sheer numbers are the majority of America, the Trump brand is associated with racist rhetoric, misogyny, division, ignorance, ill-temperament, and more.

Mark Cuban, one of many billionaire businessmen supporting Hillary, tweeted today:


Has the Trump brand really become this toxic? Trump supporters may not think so. Or they don’t care. But Trump has to be thinking that if he loses the election, will his supporters be able to afford his products and keep him aloft financially?

Mark Cuban, to be fair, seems to be ready to jump into the political arena. His experience as a successful businessman, however, has been well-documented. He has picked many winners in his career. You wonder if he is betting on another winner (Hillary) in this election.