Brazil 9000

Who says wilderness adventures are dead in our increasingly urbanized, militarized, industrialized, mechanized, computerized complex world?

At a BBQ last night, I met two fellows, Gareth Jones and Aaron Chervenak, who will be embarking on a 9,000 km record-breaking trek across Brazil by “foot, paddle and peddle.” They will start in August at Monte Caburaí in the remote Amazonian region where Brazil borders Venezuela and Guyana. It ends at Chuí on the border with Uruguay.

Apparently this has never been done before, because until 1995 the coastal town of Oiapoque was thought to be Brazil’s most northerly point. It took a Brazilian military expedition in 1995 to confirm that the country’s true north lay hidden in the mountainous jungle on the border with Guyana at Monte Caburaí. According to Jones and Chervenak, some Brazilians claim to have gone from Oiapoque to Chuí by foot or bike, but they all resorted to using motorized transport along the way (taking a ferry across the Amazon delta, for example). Jones and Chervenak thought this was 1) chicken shit and 2) these people began their journey at the “false” north. So therefore, in a couple of months, the pair will show how it’s really done. They would be the first in history to genuinely cross the length of Brazil on strictly “human-power.”

The guys will be documenting their progress in real-time along the way. You can keep up with them at They estimate that the expedition will take approximately 15 months. You can also donate to their cause at their website.

“Brazil 9000 will present an unprecedented portrait of Brazil and the Brazilians; visiting indigenous territories, deforested ranch lands, industrial ports, deserted beaches, fishing villages, pristine jungle and huge metropolises.”


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