Biting the Hand

Some people will never be appeased. They will complain about everything. It doesn’t matter how much you go out of your way. You can explain to them why something can’t be done, but then try to make it up to them in another way that really over-compensates for everything. Still, they bitch. You also do them a favor by facilitating a deal that doesn’t even involve you. No need for thanks. Instead please just don’t harp on the shipping, which is much better than the other guys’. Seriously, consider the alternative. Consider what went into accommodating you. Again, no need for thanks. Just don’t complain.

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  1. ThePropStop says:

    Well I am very grateful for you Fong and I do thank you. I just hope we can do it again for the “Avengers”. With all the money generated and the new movie already making some 200 million overseas….bottom line…..I don’t doubt a new auction with Marvel for one minute.

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