Bill Simmons

Never been a fan of Bill Simmons. Perhaps it’s because he’s an obnoxious Celtics fan. Perhaps it’s his vile hatred for the Lakers. But when he got suspended by ESPN last week for calling out Roger Goodell in the Ray Rice case, I instantly became a Simmons supporter. Let’s face it: ESPN sold out. The network–whether true or not–appeared to have caved to the big bucks of the NFL. In suspending Simmons, the Ray Rice fire was fanned even more. And Goodell came out looking worse.

It will be an awkward situation when Simmons returns from suspension. While I don’t care for his team allegiance, I do admire his work at Grantland, which is unfortunately owned by ESPN. If Simmons were to leave the network, is there a non-compete? Would be great if Grantland is spun off or Simmons creates a new site free from ESPN’s corporate overlords.