*Batteries Not Included

A massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack targeted domain name system (DNS) service provider Dyn disrupted internet traffic throughout Friday. The outage affected mostly the United States and parts of Europe. Sites such as Twitter, Amazon, Spotify, CNN  and the New York Times were some of the more prominent websites that were down.

Areas affected (source: Downdetector.com)

Although the perpetrators are still unknown (or just not yet revealed by the authorities), investigators have determined that the hackers used Internet of Things (IoT) devices as the method of entry and infection. IoT devices are normal household appliances that have the capability to connect to the Internet. In essence, the hackers were able to turn things like webcams, DVDs, routers, thermostats, etc. into a botnet army driving malicious traffic to overwhelmed and shut down Dyn’s servers. We’ve seen this movie before:

*Batteries Not Included (Universal Pictures, 1987)