Auctions: Everyone’s doing it

This weekend features another Premiere Props extravanga–number seven to be exact. Hollywood Auction Extravaganza VII is a two-day affair and will have over 1,000+ items. Again. It seems Premiere has one of these every month.

Also taking place this Saturday, September 15 will be the very first Horror Domain live auction. David Brandon has dubbed it, “HALLOWEEN, HAUNT, & SCREEN USED HORROR PROP GOREFEST!” The sale has even secured a “featured auction” designation on The auction description reads:

Welcome to HORRORDOMAIN.COM’s very first HALLOWEEN, HAUNT, AND SCREEN USED HORROR PROP GOREFEST! From unique Costume items you can wear, to film quality Bodies and Body Parts for your Haunt, Party, or Indy film.

From Screen Used Props anyone can afford, to Screen Matched HORROR GRAILS anyone would be proud to display in your keeper collection. Whether you have $100.00 budget, or $100,000.00 to spend, HORRORDOMAIN.COM is your Home for SCREEN USED HORROR PROPS.

There are over 300 lots, all starting at very low opening bids. Some as low as $0.99. “It’s a body part sale for Halloween Haunters,” said David Brandon. “I added a few keepers in to make it interesting to collectors.” Some items have already garned a few bids, with “keepers” like the Chucky items getting most of the action. Obviously, this sale is horror-centric. Yet, there are a few items, such as a Los Angeles Lakers jacket and a JFK lot, that seem incongruous with the theme.

In any case, David Brandon intended this sale to be a “tester to feel out the market.” He added, “If this works, I set the precedent as an independent collector.” He is already at work on planning the next Horror Domain auction. “Next auction is live with Horror Celebrities galore on the MONSTER MAN TV show set.”

Anyone interested in David’s auction should check it out here.


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