Auctions and Publishing

As fun and rewarding as our foray into publishing has been, our bread and butter remains the auctions. For now at least.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo auction went as well as can be expected. It’s a four year old movie with no hope of a sequel, as David Fincher has essentially moved on from the franchise and the stars were only committed to the project as long as Fincher helmed it. The interest level in the costumes and props was lukewarm, given the contemporary costumes. The props, along with jewelry, actually outperformed the wardrobe. In the end, we still sold every lot.

Now comes the Pixels auction, which from a visual standpoint offers a “better” collection. Of course, the movie was not great. What it does have going for it, though, is Peter Dinklage, cameos by Dan Aykroyd and Serena Williams, and aliens in the forms of vintage 1980s video games. The props are original and the “Arcaders” jumpsuits are visually striking.

We expect to have this auction by mid-November before the Thanksgiving holiday.