Apes Apes Apes

In working on the Apes auction, I have learned a lot. Besides now knowing more about the Planet of the Apes franchise than I did a month ago, the Apes project was a harsh lesson in business. As anyone who owns his or her own business knows, you are always learning. In fact, you never cease to learn. Because learning is adapting and if you do not learn and adapt, you do not survive.

A13-51-0037Some of the lessons that I was grateful enough to learn? Well, for one: it’s your business. That’s key. Don’t let someone else dictate when, how and with whom you do business. Secondly, while everyone deserves a second chance in life, there are no do-overs in business. Heed the early signs. If someone makes one excuse, they will make another and another and will continue to make excuses until you stop them. Lastly, don’t wait until the other party makes a move, especially when they have been stalling or wavering. Be proactive. Always. Be like Caesar. The Ape leader, not the Roman who was stabbed 23 times.