Another flood of memorabilia to be on auction block in June

June is shaping up to be a busy month on the entertainment memorabilia front. There will be three large auctions and over 2,500 items will be on the block collectively. Incidentally, these auctions will all take place on the weekend of June 23-24. What’s more, these three auction houses are all located in Los Angeles.

Julien’s Auctions will feature their Sports Legends/Music Icons Auction that weekend with a combined 1,200+ lots. Not to be outdone, Premier Props will also be hosting a two-day sale: Hollywood Auction Extravaganza VI. They will have over 1,000+ lots as well. Finally, Bonhams will finish off the blowout weekend with their Entertainment Memorabilia Including Animation Art Auction on Sunday, June 24. They will put up 423 lots. The catalogs for these auctions are currently viewable at the auction houses’ respective websites.

This harkens back to last December when a glut of auctions flooded the market with memorabilia. Prices were clearly depressed then. It’s mild deja vu, but this time around there are not as many items up for grab. Of course, production for each of these auctions began months ago. I’m sure none of the companies had knowledge of the others’ schedules. Otherwise, no one would intentionally hold an auction the same time as their competitors. We shall see how each auction performs given the context.


  1. ThePropStop says:

    The first day of PP auctions auction is perhaps the single worst stuff ever entered into a entertainment auction ever. It really is worth checking out for how yawnworthy it is.

    Hopefully day 2 will actually be the real PP stuff that they sell usually from Immortals and musketeers etc.

  2. ThePropStop says:

    I don’t understand them. They sit on stuff they have for years and don’t get it out when the movie or Dvd is out…..take Mirror mirror….or Three Musketeers…two movies I collect from. They dribble it out and then the prices decrease each month. Its good for me…but not good for them or the consigner. I really expected them to put alot of stuff in from both but the selection I thought was very poor. Sitting thru 10 hours of this for me…not going to happen this time.
    They can…and could…do so much better.

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