A new chapter

After 14 years, my time at Profiles in History has come to an end. These upcoming auctions–The Dreier Collection, Animation and Hollywood 49–will be my last with the company. I started with Hollywood Auction 5 in 1998, so that would make it officially 47 Profiles auctions that I will be involved in. I have had countless memories and a lot of great times with Profiles all these years. I have great friends at Profiles still, so I wish nothing but the best for them and the company as they move forward. Profiles will always be a part of me, but now I am embarking on a new path, one that I am excited about and will share with everyone in the coming weeks. Anyone who wants to get a hold of me, please email fong@haxbee.com, starting now.


  1. Jim says:

    Always enjoyed meeting up with you during the auctions and at Comic Con. Much success with your new endeavors 🙂

  2. James Comisar says:

    To Fong – May there only be yellow bricks under foot as you continue on your journey!

  3. Alec Peters says:

    Fong, I am truly sorry to see you go. You were the best of Profiles. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and hope you keep writing your blog.

  4. tom richards says:

    Fong – thanks for all the helpp you gave me over the years – Good luck in your new “life”

  5. Ger mc naughton says:

    Hey Fong ,Sorry to see you leave Profiles, always great dealing with you and hope to do so again in the future :). Best. Ger

  6. Matthew Galliford says:

    My best wishes for the future, it was always a pleasure dealing with you at Profiles. Great success lies ahead.

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