The Dreier Collection

The Dreier Collection page is now live on Profiles in History’s website.

You can see for yourself that this is a special catalog. The word “iconic” gets tossed around a lot and I’m weary of using it myself. However, there is no other word to describe the items in this collection. Every item is high profile and instantly recognizable. In Wall Street parlance, these would be the blue chip stocks.

Of course, no respectable collection would be without Star Wars. The Dreier’s collection of Star Wars is one to be envied. Again, you can see for yourself by either downloading the free PDF or ordering a printed catalog (these are limited and they are already going fast). But I will point out that my favorite items in this bunch are the Tom Jung original Star Wars artwork. Admittedly, I am biased since I met Tom and think the world of him. A gentle and soft-spoken man, Tom is masterful at creating stories with inventive and vibrant compositions. The posters based on his artwork are some of the most sought after collectibles within the Star Wars galaxy.

The Dreiers have three original concept pieces for the Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope style A one-sheet posters, two for the Empire Strikes Back one-sheet, a wonderfully animated Stormtroopers sketch and a stunning Darth Vader drawing. I can’t speak enough of these pieces. To continue the Wall Street analogies, these Tom Jung artwork are value stocks.


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